Putting on new tubeless tires

Nobby Nic install

My rear Nobby Nic had about 900 miles on it and hadn’t been replaced in more than 18 months! So I ordered a new one and made a video about installing new tubeless mountain bike tires.

The install always takes some effort and never goes smoothly for me. This time around I realized I should be pinching the tires into the center channel of the wheel and also should have the valve stem pushed in about half way so the tires can fit in around it. My wheels are Easton EA70 XCT.

I used one scoop of Stan’s NoTubes sealant, which is about 1/4 cup if you don’t have a scoop.

The one thing I missed in the video was that the Nobby Nic are DIRECTIONAL! I only realized after I installed them and I got the 50/50 coin flip right.

I took my bike out for a quick downhill lap and made my fastest time on the Sugar City Trail in the Crockett Hills.

Nobby NicĀ on Amazon