Hole in the Ground Trail is open

It had been a while since I rode Hole in the Ground with my brother. But once Castle Peak showed up in the background and I started that amazing ridgeline downhill the memories started coming back.

We did this ride as a loop, parking the car near the fire station off Donner Pass Road. But there are a few ways to skin this rabbit, with shuttling being a popular option.





  • There are no services at the start of this ride, but after you cross the freeway there is a gas station and The Summit Restaurant.
  • Further up the road from the start there is the Soda Springs General Store.
  • Use the Trailforks app to navigate the route, as there are a couple tricky intersections along the way.
  • The ride starts around 7,000 feet.
  • The trail will stay covered in snow through spring and takes a while to clear. In late July there were two very small patches of snow left.