GoPro’s Seeker bag works for the casual filmmaker

A week ago I didn’t even know the “action camera bag” category existed. I randomly stumbled upon the Thule Legend bag on Pinkbike and that research brought me to the GoPro Seeker.

I take this YouTube stuff seriously, and having one bag that protects my GoPro gear with a built-in chest mount sounded too good to be true.



The Seeker bag is pretty solid. It has plenty of room for a hydration pack (not included), plenty of room for your gear and will handle a normal GoPro quite nicely.

But I use the FeiyuTech Wearable Gimbal, and the Seeker’s chest mount can’t handle the weight of the rig. It’s too loose and it flops up and down, which just won’t work for the type of mountain biking I do.

When you use the GoPro mounts without the gimbal the chest mount is perfect. No amount of bouncing up and down budged the camera.


I returned the GoPro Seeker bag because it won’t work for my use. But if you don’t have a gimbal (why don’t you have a gimbal??) it will work. I’m hoping the Thule Legend‘s chest mount will be tighter and work with the gimbal.