Crockett Hills Regional Park Mountain Biking

Mountain bikers have been complaining for years that the East Bay Regional Parks bans us from singletrack and keeps us relegated to boring fire road climbs. But now we have a playground to call our own called the Crockett Hills.


Ten years ago Crockett Hills Regional Park was just a few steep fire road climbs with no hint of singletrack trails. It was a blank canvas, and many of us implored the EBRP to cut new multi-use trails. And then one day it happened. It has taken quite a few years to get where we are today, but Crockett Hills is now a destination with some really fun riding.



  • The ride is about 13 miles with 1,800 feet of elevation gain. As a strong rider I can finish the route in about 90 minutes.
  • Here’s the route on Strava
  • Download the GPX file
  • This ride is hardtail friendly and has no rocky or technical sections. There are a few rough sections from recent cow damage.
  • The views are great throughout and there are a few benches along the way for breaks.


  • Here’s the physical location of the park
  • The parking lot fills up on weekends, so get there early or come later in the day. On weekdays you’ll only see a handful of other folks.
  • Bathrooms and water are available next to the parking lot.
  • The J&L Market is a small grocery store in Crockett that has essential supplies.
  • There is a gas station as well.
  • There is no bike shop within any reasonable distance, so make sure your bike is up to snuff before heading out.