The best mountain bike channels on YouTube

Most of the mountain biking world on YouTube is filled with anonymous and shaky GoPro footage or unrealistic and overproduced downhill videos.

I think the best mountain bike channels on YouTube are from real people that you can connect with. Here are my favorites:

Nate Hills

Friday’s are fantastic because of Nate’s amazing #followcamfriday rides.
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Flow Mountain Bike

These dudes from Australia show off some great rides and gear.
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Glitchy Pics

This bloke from the UK shares great trail videos and throws in some logistics for good measure. I love stoke videos as much as the next guy, but I really love videos that actually show you where the trail is.
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Tommy Huynh

Great channel that shows real world trails being ridden by real dudes. He gives info on each trail and usually has GoPros on multiple people.

Clint Gibbs

Clint goes deep into MTB tech and most of his videos are longer than 15 minutes. I love listening to him talk specs, and so do his other 20,000+ subscribers.
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Phil Kmetz MTB

Phil is a pro downhiller with some really well-produced and fun videos. I’m still trying to learn how to manual from his video.
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Radde faehrt Radd

I think the name of the guy who runs the channel is Radde, so the channel name means “Radde rides rad”. I think! All of his videos are in German (I think) but he supplied subtitles for us dumb English speakers. It’s fun to watch him ride and he has good commentary.
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Seth’s Bike Hacks

Last but not least, it’s Seth’s Bike Hacks. He’s probably the #1 normal dude that does bike videos on YouTube. I say normal dude because there are bike companies that have more subscribers, but his 50k+ are king among mere mortals.


Scouting for shots, crashing the drone

Went scouting for shots around Glen Cove in Vallejo and then rode over to Benicia State Park. It was crazy windy and the DJI Phantom 4 put up a good struggle against it until I tried a stupid shot and crashed into my bike.

Decent singletrack riding in Benicia State Park but it’s just so small that you’d have to do 10 loops to get a good ride in. In a future ride guide I’ll loop this area in with my other local spot, Benicia Territory.

Crockett Hills cow damage update

Yeti SB66c sunset

I’ve been reading on MTBR about the damage from the cows in the Crockett Hills, specifically the Soaring Eagle trail, so I went for a ride recently to check it out.

The damage is not as bad as I thought it would be. The trail WAS amazing and damn smooth before. Now it’s chopped up and rough. But it’s not unrideable. I think the cows will help pummel the trail back into shape now that it’s not so wet. It will also help if we get out and ride it!